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Farm to Flight: Can Biofuels Green Aviation? Workshop
"Climate Change represents one of our greatest challenges of our time, but it is a challenge uniquely suited to America's strengths. Our scientists will design new fuels, and our farmers will grow them." - President Barack Obama

Are you looking for a middle/high school curricular science unit that:

  • Brings a real-world scientific problem to your classroom?
  • Puts students in roles of scientific researchers?
  • Exemplifies NGSS and CCSS learning experiences?

Argonne National Laboratory and iBIO Institute EDUCATE Center collaborated to develop an NGSS-aligned curriculum exploring the development and potential uses of biofuels in aviation. This curricular unit From Farm to Flight and probes the question: Can Biofuels Green Aviation?

In this curriculum, you will explore:

  • the problem - Can Biofuels Green Aviation? 
  • current status of energy use, specifically the transportation industry
  • chemistry of hydrocarbons and combusion reactions
  • current biofuels and engine research being done at Argonne and across other industries
  • GREET modeling environment


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Key Features

Key Features of Curriculum 


Key Features of Professional


Infuses NGSS in a problem-based learning (PBL) approach

Curriculum-based learning approach

Exploration of a real-world problem as a scientist

Deeper understanding of how to implement NGSS in a science classroom

Develops learners' scientific practices and thinking skills

Organized as a professional learning community

Inquiry-based, hands-on laboratory experiments

Access to industry and Argonne scientific experts

Embedded formative and summative assessments

Tour of research facilities

Connections to industry careers

Teacher set of curricular resources and classroom kit of lab materials