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Communicating Science
“Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking.” —Stephen Hawking

Communicating Science

Scientists are communicators. They practice communications when presenting their work at lab meetings, when writing research papers and peer reviews, when speaking at conferences, and when educating the public through the media. Policymakers, business leaders, and everyday people rely on the information scientists provide to make important decisions regarding public policy, funding for research endeavors, and their personal health and wellbeing. Therefore the ability to communicate clearly to different types of people is a necessary skill among those employed in STEM fields.

As a participant in educational programming here at Argonne, you will have the opportunity to become a better contributor to your research field by learning how to be a better communicator. From writing a report to delivering an oral presentation, our programs offer numerous opportunities for you to exercise your communication skills, and the Communicating Science resource is here to help.

Communicating Science is an online resource with tips on how to improve speaking and writing abilities. It also summarizes the deliverable requirements for SULI and CCI interns. The following table details the different topics covered:


SULI Report Guidelines

Review of the requirements for the SULI science report

CCI Report Guidelines

Review of the requirements for the CCI project report

Features of Good Scientific Writing

Review of the three key qualities most sought after in scientific writing

Mapping out Your Science Report

Tips on how to brainstorm and outline a science report

Improving Your Overall Writing Style

Review of active and passive voice, tenses, and pronouns used in scientific communications

Engaging Your Audience

Advice on how to tailor your writing to a target audience

Writing for a General Audience

Tips on writing for a general audience and a review of the requirements for the SULI general audience abstract

How to Peer Review

Review of the requirements for the SULI peer review paper

Planning Your Presentation

Brainstorming and outlining tips for your oral or poster presentation

Guide to Effective Poster Design

Advice on how to build a strong design for your poster presentation

Guide to PowerPoint Presentations

Review of the key features that belong in a PowerPoint presentation

Improving Your Speaking Skills

Tips on how to improve your speaking abilities