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Argonne Fellowships

Argonne offers special fellowships to be awarded internationally to outstanding doctoral scientists and engineers who are at early points in promising careers. The Maria Goeppert Mayer and Enrico Fermi Fellowships honor two of Argonne’s leading scientific pioneers.

That they bear the names of Goeppert Mayer and Fermi underscores the prestige of these new fellowships. Goeppert Mayer was a theoretical physicist and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1963 for proposing the nuclear shell model of the atomic nucleus — work she conducted while here at Argonne as a senior physicist. Fermi supervised the experiment at Chicago Pile-1 that proved a nuclear chain reaction could be initiated and controlled; that experiment ultimately led to the founding of Argonne. Fermi also was the recipient of a Nobel Prize in Physics, in 1938, for his work on induced radioactivity by neutron bombardment and the discovery of transuranic elements.

Candidates for the fellowships must display superb ability in scientific or engineering research and must show definite promise of becoming outstanding leaders in the research they pursue. Fellows work closely with an Argonne sponsor to pursue their research interests. Fellows are hired as an Argonne Scholar with full benefits, a highly competitive salary and a stipend for research support. Fellows may renew their appointments on an annual basis for up to 3 years, with the possibility of retention.

We are not accepting applications at this time. The next call for applications is anticipated to open in August 2018. Please check back in mid-2018 for updates.

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