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February 12, 2018 9:00AM to 4:00PM
Building 240
Town Hall Meeting

Argonne researchers are invited to participate in a one-day LDRD town hall hosted by CELS to dive into pressing challenge areas that support U.S. Department of Energy mission needs. These critical areas include computing (simulation, data and learning), beyond Moore (neuromorphic and quantum), synthetic biology, and water and climate.

The day will open with a high-level overview talk that outlines future opportunities. Then each registrant will participate in a breakout session to explore possible projects, strategies and tactics for the research area. To conclude the day, each group will record and report out on future scope and directions, with ample time for discussion.

Registration is required. Registrants are required to rank the break-ut sessions that they would like to participate in. A confirmation email will be sent approximately a week later. Space is limited and will be balanced across the break-out sessions