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Westgate Alternate Routes

Avoid the white-knuckled commute and antacids for breakfast! If you take I-55 north to Lemont Road to enter through Westgate in the morning, you may want to consider taking an alternate route in order to avoid potential traffic safety risks. Three alternate routes are mapped out, and turn-by-turn directions are listed below.

Alternate Route 1

If you're coming from the north:

  • Head south on I-355, and take either the 75th Street exit heading east or the 87th Street (Boughton Road) exit heading east.
  • Turn right (south) on Lemont Road.
  • Turn left (east) on Westgate Road.

Alternate Route 2

If you're coming from the south:

  • Head north on I-355, and take the 127th Street exit heading east.
  • Turn left (north) on State Street.
  • Turn right (east) on Westgate Road.

Alternate Route 3

If you're coming from the west or southwest:

  • Head north on I-55, and take the Lemont Road exit heading north.
  • Once on Lemont Road, immediately get back on I-55, taking the southbound entrance ramp.
  • Once on I-55 south, immediately re-exit onto southbound Lemont Road.

Traversing this cloverleaf interchange will allow more room (about 1,000 extra feet) to cross over two lanes of traffic before entering the left turn lane onto Westgate Road. In rush hour traffic, even 1,000 extra feet can make a difference in safety.