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  • The inventors have developed a technique to substantially increase room temperature gamma radiation detection and yield ratio in these materials.
    Intellectual Property Available to License

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  • This invention introduces a series of lithium-containing semiconductors for detecting thermalized neutrons.
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US Patent Application US17/252,776
    • Lithium-containing chalcophosphates for thermal neutron detection


    This invention introduces a series of lithium-containing semiconductors LiMP2Q6 (M = In, Bi, Sb, As, Al, Ga; Q = S, Se, Te) for detecting thermalized neutrons. Lithium may be enriched lithium-6 or natural lithium. The very high resistivity of this compound allows for large-area detector and higher applied voltage on the compound, allowing for increased efficiency and gamma-ray discrimination.


    This material has the capacity to detect thermal neutrons with improved sensitivity and selectivity (thermal neutrons versus gamma rays) over prior art.

  • Anthony Holub

    Anthony Holub is an Outreach Instructor for Educational Programs, and he develops and facilitates STEM outreach activities for students to foster an understanding of current and future STEM research and career opportunities.
  • Daniel Huang

    Daniel Huang is a Professional Career Intern (PCI) who provides administrative support for University Student Programs (USP) and internship students at Argonne.
  • Advanced R&D, integration, and commercialization of polymer refractive X-ray optical components
    Intellectual Property Available to License
    US Patent 17/039,624
    • Method of Printing and Implementing Refractive X-Ray Optical Components (ANL-IN-20-070)


    Using high-resolution polymerization lithography, this technology enables rapid and cost-efficient printing of refractive X-ray optics, such as phase correctors and compound refractive lenses (CRLs) with a better-than-100 nm printing resolution. These optics have shown a higher quality and better performance than conventional lenses, such as those commercially available Be CRLs. Supported on the small flat substrates, these lenses can be quickly deployed into an X-ray beam delivery system.

    Opportunity & Solution

    To fully utilize DOE’s high coherence of the diffraction-limited X-ray sources, there is an urgent need for a giant leap forward in the manufacturing capabilities of X-ray refractive optics that are required for controllable wavefronts in the applications of coherent-based experiment methods. To meet these goals, Argonne National Laboratory researchers have been developing a customizable strategy to manufacture and deploy polymer-based refractive X-ray optics at synchrotron beamlines.


    • Improve multiple polymerization printing lithography schemes for better lens quality and shape controls.
    • Improve the printing resolution to 20-50 nm.
    • Scale-up the procedure for high-throughput optics fabrication, aiming at a useful lens array set per one to a few hours.
    • Investigate high-energy (>20 kev) and high-coherence applications of printed optics.
    • Design commercialization-ready assembly scheme for stand-alone instrument that allows fast optics alignment and flexible operation to meet various experimental requirements at synchrotron beamlines.
    • Develop a cost-effective transfocator mechanism for rapid lens exchange and replacement.