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Article | Science and Technology Partnerships and Outreach

Small business success story: Windlass Engineering

Windlass Engineering is a Small Disadvantaged Engineering Services company out of Houston, Texas. After unsuccessfully pursuing an open solicitation with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) via System for Award Management’s (SAM) listing, Windlass was determined to win their next opportunity with ANL.

Shortly after, an opportunity arose to compete for a solicitation that called for the fabrication, quality control testing, and documentation of 132 chamber support assemblies for ANL’s Advanced Proton Source-Upgrade (APS-U) division. After using their prior unsuccessful experience as a learning opportunity, Windlass was successful in securing this award.

Windlass Equipment.

As a new vendor, there were some concerns. However, it was determined that the technical team would closely monitor their progress through weekly meetings to help each other out. Several calls in, it was clear that Windlass was on track and had no issues.”

Windlass worked hard to maintain communication and were proactive in meeting deadlines and staying on budget. Awarding this project to Windlass Engineering was a success for ANL and APS-U as this was a very critical procurement to our mission.