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Electrode Structures and Surfaces for Li Batteries (ANL-IN-10-095)

Improved stability of composite electrode structures and a low cost manufacturing method
Intellectual Property Available to License
US Patent 9,593,024
  • Electrode Structures and Surfaces for Li Batteries (ANL-IN-10-095)

The Invention 

This invention relates to positive electrode materials (cathodes) for electrochemical cells and batteries. It relates, in particular, to electrode precursor materials comprising manganese ions, such as Li2MnO3, and to methods for fabricating lithium-metal-oxide electrode materials and structures using the precursor materials, notably for lithium cells and batteries. More specifically, the invention relates to improved or novel lithium-metal-oxide electrode materials with layered-type structures, spinel-type structures, rocksalt-type structures, combinations thereof and modifications thereof, notably those with imperfections, such as stacking faults and dislocations. The invention extends to include lithium-metal-oxide electrode materials with modified surfaces to protect the electrode materials from highly oxidizing potentials in the cells and from other undesirable effects, such as electrolyte oxidation, oxygen loss and/or dissolution. 

A schematic of a Li2MnO3 precursor structure, highlighting the technique used to fabricate the composite electrodes.


Electrodes used in lithium batteries for 

  • Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; 
  • Portable electronic devices; 
  • Medical devices; and 
  • Space, aeronautical, and defense-related devices.

Developmental Stage 

Reduced to practice