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RF MEMS Capacitive Switches with High Reliability

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US Patent 8,963,659 and US Patent 8,525,185 B2
  • RF MEMS Capacitive Switches with High Reliability

The present invention provides for an electrostatic microelectromechanical (MEMS) device comprising a dielectric layer separating a first conductor and a second conductor. The first conductor is moveable towards the second conductor, when a voltage is applied to the MEMS device. The dielectric layer recovers from dielectric charging failure almost immediately upon removal of the voltage from the MEMS device.

Technology: RF MEMS Capacitive Switches with High Reliability (IN-09-053) View patent details.

A reliable long life RF-MEMS capacitive switch is provided with a dielectric layer comprising a fast discharge diamond dielectric layer” and enabling rapid switch recovery, dielectric layer charging and discharging that is efficient and effective to enable RF-MEMS switch operation to greater than or equal to 100 billion cycles.

Technology: RF-MEMS capacitive switches with high reliability View patent details.