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Superlubricating Graphene and Graphene Oxide Films (ANL-IN-11-056)

A system and method for forming at least one of graphene and graphene oxide on a substrate and an opposed wear member.
Intellectual Property Available to License
US Patent 9,890,345
  • Superlubricating Graphene and Graphene Oxide Films (ANL-IN-11-056)

The system includes graphene and graphene oxide formed by an exfoliation process or solution processing method to dispose graphene and/or graphene oxide onto a Substrate. The system further includes an opposing wear member disposed on another Substrate and a gas atmosphere of an inert gas like N2, ambient, a humid atmosphere and a water Solution.


  • Easy to apply using spray process in air 
  • Easily scalable to large area 
  • Cost effective, eliminates hazardous waste 
  • Virtually eliminates friction and wear 
  • Works in dry and humid environment