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Surface structures, treatments and coatings for high-voltage lithium metal oxide electrodes

Advanced surface-stabilizing structure, treatment and coating technologies for a variety of high-voltage, low-cobalt lithium metal oxides electrodes for use in rechargeable lithium cells and batteries
Intellectual Property Available to License
Surface stabilized electrodes for lithium batteries
  • ANL-IN-06-033
Surface protected lithium-metal-oxide electrodes
  • ANL-IN-08-093
Metal fluoride passivation coatings prepared by atomic layer deposition for li-ion batteries
  • ANL-IN-15-003
High valent lithiated surface structures for lithium ion battery electrode materials
  • ANL-IN-16-090
Surface treatment for lithium battery electrode materials
  • ANL-IN-17-029
Composite bilayer coatings for high capacity cathodes and anodes
  • ANL-IN-18-001

Technology Overview

Argonne’s has developed a suite of surface structures, treatments and coatings for a range of high-voltage lithium metal oxide electrodes, including advanced nickel- manganese- and lithium-rich cathode materials. 
See Low-Cobalt, Manganese-Rich Cathodes for Lithium-ion Batteries for Argonne’s complementary portfolio of Li- and Mn-rich cathode structure technologies.


  • Surface-stabilizing structure, treatment and coating technologies offer customizable approaches for a range of high-voltage lithium metal oxides electrode materials.
  • Enhance the surface stability, rate capability and cycling stability of electrodes, which leads to increased electrode energy capacity.
  • Specifically address surface-related stability for enabling the use of next generation Mn- and Li-rich cathode structure types in lithium-ion batteries.

Applications and Industries

Electrodes used in batteries for: 

  • Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, 
  • Stationary energy storage systems,
  • Portable electronic devices, 
  • Medical devices, and 
  • Space, aeronautical, and defense-related devices. 

Developmental Stage

Ready for commercialization.