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Alexey Galda

Research Assistant Professor, University of Chicago (joint position with MSD)

Alexey received a Ph.D. specializing in theoretical condensed matter physics from the University of Birmingham (UK). Currently, he is a Research Assistant Professor at the James Franck Institute, University of Chicago, with a joint appointment at Argonne’s Materials Science Division.

The focus of Alexey’s research lies in the field of strongly correlated electronic and magnetic systems. In particular, he is most interested in transport, topological properties and phase transitions in out-of-equilibrium conditions.

Two recent breakthroughs allowed Alexey to formulate a new direction of research based on adapting the ideas of non-Hermitian quantum mechanics to out-of-equilibrium condensed matter systems. The first major step was establishing that, despite common belief, nonequilibrium systems can be quantitatively described in the framework of canonical Hamiltonian formalism, with all nonconservative effects encoded in the imaginary part of the effective non-Hermitian Hamiltonian. The other one was the discovery of the underlying symmetry-based principle behind a wide class of non-equilibrium phase-transitions.

In 2015 he was awarded a competitive Laboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) Grant for 2+1 years providing full support of his research program at Argonne.

Employment History

  • University of Chicago, James Franck Institute, Chicago, IL USA
    (joint with Argonne National Laboratory)
    Research Scientist                                              September 2016 – present
  • Argonne National Laboratory, Materials Science Division, IL USA
    Postdoctoral Scholar                               October 2012 –  September 2016


  • University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
    Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics                                                September 2012
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia
    B.Sc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics                                  June 2008

Honors and Awards

  • Argonne Director’s Competitive R&D Grant, USA                                 2015
  • Moreton Prize, University of Birmingham, UK                              2012, 2011
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistantship, UK                                            2009
  • Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School Scholarship, UK             2008
  • Overseas Research Student Scholarship, UK                                       2008
  • HSP Huygens Scholarship, Netherlands                                               2008

Professional Memberships

American Physical Society, Materials Research Society

Selected Publications

  • Alexey Galda, V.M. Vinokur. “Parity-time symmetry breaking in magnetic systems”. Physical Review B 94, 020408(R) (2016) (online)
  • V. Tripathi, Alexey Galda, H. Barban, V.M. Vinokur. “Parity-time symmetry-breaking mechanism of dynamic Mott transition in dissipative systems”. Physical Review B 94, 041104(R) (2016) (online)
  • A. Glatz, Alexey Galda, A.A. Varlamov. “Effect of fluctuations on the NMR relaxation beyond the Abrikosov vortex lattice”. Physical Review B 92, 054513 (2015) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, A.S. Mel’nikov, V.M. Vinokur, “Resonant tunneling of fluctuation Cooper pairs”, Nature Scientific Reports58315 (2015) (online) Argonne's Feature Story
  • I.V. Yurkevich, Alexey Galda, O.M.Yevtushenko, I.V. Lerner “Duality of Weak and Strong Scatterer in a Luttinger liquid Coupled to Massless Bosons”, Physical Review Letters 110, 136405 (2013) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, I.V. Yurkevich, I.V. Lerner, “Effect of electron-phonon coupling on transmission through Luttinger Liquid hybridized with resonant level”, Europhysics Letters 93, 17009 (2011) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, I.V. Yurkevich, I.V. Lerner, “Impurity Scattering in a Luttinger Liquid with Electron-Phonon Coupling”, Physical Review B 83, 041106(R) (2011) (online) Featured as Editor’s Suggestion