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Physical Sciences and Engineering

Argonne In-Flight Radioactive Ion Separator (RAISOR)

Argonne In-Flight Radioactive Ion Separator (RAISOR), a system of selecting and purifying radioactive ion beams (RIB) created via the in-flight process, consists of a magnetic chicane separator and an RF sweeper.

Three main aspects of the RAISOR system will improve RIB intensities and purities and the availability of beams farther from stability:

  • Chicane provides dedicated momentum selection
  • Dedicated primary beam dump at the separator midplane enables control of prompt radiation
  • Placement of the system enables delivery of secondary RIB to any high-energy target station

Short-lived, in-flight beams will be available for all experimental target areas including those that are currently accessible, the SPS and HELIOS, as well as newly available areas such as GammasphereFMAGRETINA, and multi-purpose beam lines.

Estimated beam rates and of 2019 are here.