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Physics Division

Center for Accelerator Target Science

The Physics Division operates a target development laboratory that produces targets and foils of various thickness and substrates, depending on the requirements for experiments performed at the ATLAS accelerator.

CATS is the creation of a National Center for Accelerator Target Science based on the existing target development laboratory at Argonne National Laboratory. The most important and primary goal to the CATS Mission is dedicated support of the ATLAS Scientific Program – supplying experimental targets, foils, windows, radioactive sources and isotopic material for beam production. In addition, the objectives of the center are as follows:

•Serve the low-energy community by producing targets when possible or by directing requests to appropriate facilities

•Train individual investigators and students in target making  to provide a workforce capable of addressing future needs

•Carry out R&D activities dedicated to novel production techniques and optimization of existing ones

•Explore the feasibility of developing an inventory of existing targets that will serve as a pool available to the community

CATS maintains five facilities; the Target Fabrication Laboratory, a Radioactive Materials Handling Laboratory (the Hot lab), a Radioanalytical Counting Laboratory (connected to the Hot Lab), a Target Research and Development Laboratory, and the Target Library and Archives.