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Physics Division

Medium Energy Physics Seminar Archive

Conference Room R-150, Building 203, Argonne National Laboratory

Thursdays at 10:00 AM

23 February 2017
Thursday 10:00 am Rabin Paudel, JILA/University of Colorado
Experiments with Strongly Interacting Fermions
Host: Peter Mueller

12 May 2016 
Thursday 10:00 am Maxime Defurne, Saclay, France
Generalized parton distributions through deep exclusive processes
Host: Kawtar Hafidi

17 September 2015 
Note Room: A-114 Zhongyi Feng, Kirchhoff-Institut für Physik, Heidelburg, Germany
Dating with Atom Trap Trace Analysis of Argon-39
Host: Peter Mueller

21 July 2015
Tuesday 3:30 pm Marie Boër, Université Paris Sud and Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Orsay, France
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering and Generalized Parton Distributions
Host: John Arrington

14 July 2015
Tuesday 10:30 am Leonidas Aliaga Soplin, William and Mary 
Calculating the flux for neutrino beams 
Host: John Arrington

9 July 2015 Emmanouil Kargiantoulakis , Virginia 
The Q-weak Experiment: Early Results and Current Status 
Host: John Arrington

2 July 2015
Rm B-221 Melissa Cummings, William and Mary
A Measurement of gp2 at Low Q2
Host: Roy Holt 

26 June 2015
Friday Zhihong Ye, Duke University 
Explore 3D Structure of the Nucleon with SoLID 
Host: John Arrington

15 June 2015 
Monday Mohammad Hattawy, Institut de Physique Nucleaire d’Orsay, France 
Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering off 4He 
Host: Kawtar Hafidi

2 April 2015 Ron Gilman, Rutgers University 
The Proton Radius Puzzle 
Host: Paul Reimer

19 February 2015 Henning Back, Princeton University 
The World’s largest supply of low radioactivity argon and the Darkside-50 target 
Host: Kawtar Hafidi

18 Deceber 2014 Dong Sheng, NIST 
Recent progress in vapor cell atomic magnetometry 
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu

2 October 2014 Whitney Armstrong, Temple University 
The SANE Experiment: Probing QCD Color Forces 
Host: Kawtar Hafidi

17 July 2014 Michelle M. Medeiros, Universidade Federal de Goiás
Measurement of neutrino oscillations in MINOS and MINOS+ 
Host: John Arrington

8 May 2014 Pinghan Chu, Duke University 
Searches for spin-dependent short-range forces 
Host: John Arrington

6 May 2014 (Tuesday, 10am) Dipak Rimal, Florida International University 
Proton Form Factor Puzzle and the CLAS Two-Photon Exchange Experiment 
Host: John Arrington

1 May 2014 Dasuni Adikaram, Old Dominion University 
Direct measurements of Two Photon Exchange on lepton-proton elastic scattering using simultaneous electron-positron beam in CLAS 
Host: John Arrington

17 April 2014 Murray Peshkin, Physics Division, Argonne 
Can the GSI oscillations measure the neutrino mass difference? 
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu

19 March 2014 Michael Bishof, University of Colorado at Boulder 
Strontium: the best clock and so much more 
Host: Zheng-Tian Lu


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