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Paul Benioff

Paul Benioff


Ph. D. in Nuclear chemistry at UC Berkeley in 1959, Post doc at the Weizmann institute, Israel in 1960, 6 months postdoc in Bohr institute, Copenhagen, 1961.

Came to Argonne in Fall 1961 to Chemistry Dept.  Worked  with  Ellis Steinberg on   nuclear reaction theory. Also worked on topics on the relation between foundations of physic and mathematics, a topic of continuing interest.

Moved  into Environmental impact divisionin 1978  Stayed in environemntal divison(s) until retirement in 1995 when I became retired staff member of physics division.

Spent 6 weeks in 1978 or 1980  at the CNRS Marseille, France.  Also taught spring course on foundation of quantum mechanics at Tel Aviv university. Attended various conferences to give invited talks. 

 During all my employment at ArgonneI kept up interes and paper publishing on topics related to foundational relations between physics and mathematics.

My interest in the observation that, as a universally valid theory, quantum mechanics must somehow describe its own validation,  resulted in my showing that  quantum mechanical models of computers as Turing machines were theoretically possible. 

As a result of this work I received the quantum computation and communication prize in 2000 from Tamagawa universety in Japan.  Later I also received a disinguished service award from Argonne.  A conference was held here at Argonne in 2016 to honor my quantum computing work. 

 As an Emeritus, I am continuing my work on exploration of the foundational relation between mathematics and physics.