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Argonne National Laboratory

Place-Based Innovation

Great Lakes, Great Discoveries

Place-based innovation refers to efforts to leverage a region’s existing research institutions, universities and industries to:

  • Establish clusters of innovation
  • Address community needs
  • Spur regional economic development

Argonne National Laboratory actively participates in placed-based innovation, working with our partners in industry, academia, communities, innovation hubs, incubators and government in the Chicago area and beyond.

Argonne in Chicago

Our facility on the city’s south side enables closer connections to the local innovation ecosystem and communities.

Office of Community Engagement

Building trusting, collaborative, productive and longstanding relationships.



Educational Programs and Outreach

Argonne uses immersive programs to create STEM career pathways for students at various stages of their journey.



Chain Reaction Innovations

Argonne hosts a two-year program that attracts some of the brightest innovators/entrepreneurs from across the U.S.




We are proud to be a founding partner in the first accelerator program in the U.S. exclusively focused on supporting quantum startups.