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Division Postdoctoral Appointments Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Division Postdoctoral Appointments the same as “Regular Postdocs”?


Who chooses the final candidate; DEP, the sub-committee, or the programmatic Division?

The programmatic Division does. The sub-committee reviews the final candidate's application package to ensure that he or she complies with Argonne 's high standards and that all the requirements have been met. If the candidate has outstanding qualifications, the committee can recommend that he or she be considered for a Director's or Named Fellowship.

I need clarifications of how and who will collect and distribute the application materials. When can the principal investigators see the applications?

There are four possible scenarios:

  1. The PI has the need to hire a postdoc. He or she has already identified a candidate. The PI then informs the candidate of the application requirements and that individual sends the pertinent materials to the PI (or HR Division representative). The Division forwards an electronic file to DEP containing all the application materials, including the letter of recommendations and transcripts. DEP distributes the file to the subcommittee for review. The review will be completed within one week of receiving the file. DEP sends the information to HR employment to proceed in accordance with the official hiring practices.
  2. Same case as scenario 1, but the PI can request the candidate to submit all the information directly to DEP. The process then continues as previously outlined.
  3. The candidate responds to an employment opportunity advertised in the Argonne portal or some other career websites. The materials are therefore received by DEP, who will distribute them to the interested Division. The Division chooses the final candidate and DEP proceeds with the review process as explained in 1.
  4. Unsolicited applications are received by DEP and/or a particular Division (or principal investigator). DEP will keep these applications on file for one year should an opportunity open for that individual at ANL. DEP will circulate these applications among the programmatic divisions.

It is the responsibility of the Postdoctoral home Division to submit an ANL-1 form, a JHQ questionnaire, and a DOE-593 form (if applicable) to DEP once the candidate has been selected.

Is U.S. citizenship required?


Is there an age restriction?

No. However, postdoctoral appointees must recently have received a PhD.

Is there an application form?

No. However, the following application materials are required:

  • CV
  • List of publications, abstracts and significant presentations
  • If you are a finalist for the position, the Division will ask to provide three letters of recommendation from other than Argonne staff. You are not required to send the letters with your CV or publication list. Please do not ask your referees to send the letters unless you have been contacted by the Division and instructed to do so. However, you need to provide the name and contact information of your referees.

For your security, please do not include the following information in your CV:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Social security number

If letters of recommendation are required, those should be sent directly by the referees via e-mail to . They must be in a PDF file from the individual(s) with a signature on official letterhead.

What is the mailing address for the application materials?

There is no mailing address. All materials should be sent via email to . In the subject line please include the name of the candidate.

Where will the Fellow work?

The individual will work in a Research Division at Argonne .

Who should the nominator be?

The nominator must be an Argonne employee (sponsor).

What is the difference between the nomination letter and reference letters?

Reference letters are similar to nomination letters; however, the referees may be a member(s) of the dissertation committee, colleagues, other supervisors, or other professors, who can attest to your ability and potential.

What is the description of research project about?

The description of research project is related to the specific research program you will be working on at Argonne as described in the job description. Research activities at Argonne can be viewed at, as well as more detailed websites of the various research groups and centers, via the home webpage at

Can I scan the official transcripts and send a PDF file along with my other materials?

Yes. However, if selected, you will need to bring the original documents.

Can the nomination and reference letters be included with my other materials?

We prefer that the nominator (sponsor) and referees send their letters directly via e-mail to . However, we will accept a PDF file that has a letter from the individual(s) with a signature on official letterhead.

When will I receive an acknowledgement regarding my application?

If you would like to know if your nomination and reference letters were received, send an e-mail to .

When will I know if I was selected for the appointment?

If selected, HR will contact the individual by phone, email, and in some cases by regular mail.

When will the recipient begin his/her appointment?

The starting date is by mutual agreement with the principal investigator. However, the candidate cannot commence until he or she has obtained the PhD.