Argonne National Laboratory

Current Postdoctoral Researchers

Abdelhalim Amer

Abdelhalim Amer (Halim) is part of the Programming Models and Runtime Systems group at Argonne.

Abelardo Ramirez-Hernandez

His research is focused on the statistical physics of soft condensed matter, with particular emphasis on self- and directed assembly of block copolymers and the rheology of these materials.

Adam Tornheim
Aleksandr (Alex) Fridlyand

My research is primarily focused on studying the autoignition behavior of conventional and future transportation fuels.

Alexander Landera
Alexander Rettie
Alexey Galda

Alexey received a Ph.D. specializing in theoretical condensed matter physics from the University of Birmingham (UK).

Ambica Koushik Pegallapati

Ambica received her PhD in Environmental Engineering from New Mexico State University (NMSU).

Amy N. Bender
Ananya Sen