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Postdoctoral Extension Procedures

The Postdoctoral Office at DEP is responsible for processing the postdoctoral appointment extensions. It is important that all Argonne programmatic divisions understand and follow the protocol established to that effect. This document summarizes the procedures and intends to clarify some questions, thus avoiding delays in the process.

The procedure, already accepted by the ALD offices across the Laboratory, is as follows:

  1. DEP will indicate to the Divisions (two months in advance) that a postdoctoral appointee is due for extension.
  2. The Division (sponsor/mentor) prepares:
    --a memo justifying the extension
    --the postdoctoral performance evaluation form (ANL-699)
    --a copy of the up-to-date and approved 593, if applicable
    --a complete CV if renewal is requested beyond the third year
  3. The items outlined in 2 must be uploaded in the new XINK system. New extension date and salary percentage increase should be included.
  4. Once the Division submits the renewal, those in the approval tread are notified by email. Kristene Henne from DEP will be immediately approving cases in which the postdocs have less than 3 years in their appointment. She will be looking at current salary, proposed increase, and the performance evaluation (accomplishments, collaborations, publications).
  5. Those cases beyond the third year are routed first to the ALD for approval and then to DEP. Remember to include a complete CV for these cases.


If the Division intends to extend the candidate's appointment beyond the third year, the justification memo must clearly indicate the reasons why the candidate should continue as a postdoctoral appointee as opposed to being promoted to an assistant scientist or engineer.

Along with the renewals, a performance evaluation form is required. This form must be filled and discussed by both the postdoc and the supervisor and to be evaluated and signed by the Division Director.

Postdoctoral Performance Evaluation Form »

Questions and comments should be directed to Kristene (Tina) Henne, Postdoctoral Programs Coordinator (, 2-2907).