Argonne National Laboratory

Postdoctoral Hiring Procedures

The Postdoctoral Office at DEP coordinates and facilitates the application, review, and hiring procedures for all postdoctoral candidates, following the guidelines established by Argonne policies. It is important that all ANL programmatic divisions understand and follow the protocol established to hiring postdoctoral appointees. This document summarizes the procedures for hiring a Division postdoctoral appointee and intends to clarify some questions, thus avoiding delays in the process.

The postdoctoral candidates are required to submit the following application package:

  • Nomination memo (≤ 2 pages) from ANL sponsor/mentor (with copy to Division Director)

This memo (addressed to the Division Director) should justify the hire, explain the candidate's role in the Division's research program, specify salary, cost code, and estimated start date.

  • Description of research project (≤ 2 pages)

The Group Leader (or sponsor/mentor) prepares a description of their research program. That description is given to the postdoctoral candidate who in turn provides his/her research plans pertaining to the research program.

  • Three letters of recommendation from other than Argonne staff

Letters of recommendation from scientists external to Argonne with knowledge of the candidate (letters should be signed and on letterhead).

  • CV
  • List of publications, abstracts, and significant presentations
  • Graduate School Transcripts

Only final candidates should provide a copy of their transcripts. They must be sent by fax at (630) 252-3193, attention to Kristene (Tina) Henne, Postdoctoral Programs Coordinator.

To hire a Division Postdoctoral appointee, we can have four possible scenarios:

Scenario 1: The PI's already identified a candidate

  • The PI (mentor/sponsor) informs the candidate of the application requirements and that individual sends the application materials to the PI (or HR Division representative) electronically. Letters of recommendations and transcripts are provided electronically.
  • The Division forwards an electronic file to DEP containing the candidates' application materials, an ANL-1 form (signed by the Division Director), the JHQ questionnaire, and a DOE-593 form (if applicable). DEP is not responsible for processing the DOE-593 form.
  • DEP electronically distributes the file to the subcommittee for review and that must be completed within one week of receiving the file.
  • Upon subcommittee approval, DEP sends the application package to the corresponding ALD for approval and signature. The ALD office signs the ANL-1 and sends it back to DEP.
  • DEP will send pertinent information to HR employment to proceed in accordance with the official hiring practices.

Important: If the candidate obtained the Ph.D. longer than three years or if ANL will be his/her second or third postdoctoral appointment, a memo justifying hiring this individual as a postdoctoral appointee (as opposed to an assistant scientist or engineer) must be attached to the application package.

Scenario 2:

  • Same case as scenario 1, but the PI can request the candidate to submit all the information directly to DEP to . Referees are asked to submit their letters to the same address, indicating the name of the candidate on the subject line.
  • The process then continues as previously outlined.

Scenario 3: The candidate responds to an employment opportunity advertised in the Argonne portal or other career websites

  • Candidate should provide a CV, three letters of recommendations, list of publications, and presentations. The ad should specify to send the requested materials to .
  • DEP or sponsoring Division will receive the applicants' materials.
  • The Division chooses the final candidates and DEP proceeds with the review process as explained in scenario 1.
  • Only final candidates (chosen by the hiring Division) are asked to submit the description of research project and transcripts on-line.

Scenario 4: Unsolicited applications are received by DEP and/or a particular Division (or principal investigator)

  • DEP will keep these applications on file for one year should an opportunity open for that individual at ANL.
  • DEP will circulate these applications among the programmatic Divisions.

Questions and comments should be directed to Kristene (Tina) Henne, Postdoctoral Programs Coordinator (, 2-2907).