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Argonne National Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are very concerned about the well-being of all employees.

Students at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as postdoctoral appointees form an essential component of the research endeavor at the laboratory. However, research does not stand alone but must be integrated into a program of environment, safety, and security.

From time to time, incidents regarding students and postdocs occur across the DOE complex.

It is important to share these incidents with you to raise your awareness and prevent similar incidents from occuring at Argonne. The most recent occurences will be posted so that we can share lessons learned throughout the DOE complex.

Commitment to Safety Innovation Program (CSI)

The Argonne Commitment to Safety Innovation (CSI) is a new postdoc safety program. The goal is for postdocs to participate in a safety exchange with their peers, instill a culture of safety among the postdocs and to reward the postdocs for sharing their brilliant ideas regarding safety that the entire laboratory will benefit from.

Presentations will be submitted through the Xink system and will be held quarterly. Monetary awards will be awarded based on voting by postdoc peers.

Some of the ideas for presentations could include:

  • Safety-related issues — what issues have you encountered, what have you observed, how this could have been avoided;
  • Safety-related ideas that have been adopted in your group or division that the rest of the lab might benefit from;
  • Observed safety issues — what is a good practice that you have observed or a bad one and how would you correct that practice;
  • Fresh ideas regarding safety practices — what have you seen others do or you do that is a good safe practice;
  • Articles from professional journals — what have you read about that you thought was a good idea.

To make a submission, please click this link.

If you have any questions, please contact Donna Gudgel at ext. 2-6341 or

CSI Participation Form

Argonne CSI - ANL-901: This document allows postdocs the opportunity to participate in the CSI program. It was formally called the Near Hit Form.

CSI Presentations

Safety Resources in the Academic Laboratory