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Abhiteja Konda

Postdoctoral Appointee


Research Interests

  • Design and fabrication of microfluidic devices for applications in chemical and biological sciences.
  • Nanomaterial synthesis, functional coatings, electron microscopy, 3D printing, computer-aided-design, soft robotics.



  • Ph.D. in Chemistry under Prof. Stephen Morin, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA (2018).
  • Joint European Masters in Quality in Analytical Laboratories, University of Barcelona, Spain & University of Bergen, Norway (2012).
  • Bachelors in Pharmacy, Vinayaka Missions University, India (2010).


Selected Publications

  • Konda, A.; Rau, A.; Stoller, M. A.; Taylor, J. M.; Salam, A.; Pribil, G. A.; Argyropoulos, C.; Morin, S. A. Soft Micro- Reactors for the Deposition of Conductive Metallic Traces on Three-dimensional Components. Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 1803020.
  • Bowen, J. J.; Rose, M. A.; Konda, A.; Morin, S. A. Surface Molding of Microscale Hydrogels with Microactuation Functionality. Angewandte Chemie 2018, 57, 1-6.
  • Perez-Toralla, K.; Konda, A.; Bowen, J. J.; Jennings, E. E.; Argyropoulos, C.; Morin, S. A. Rational Synthesis of Large-area Periodic Chemical Gradients for the Manipulation of Liquid Droplets and Gas Bubbles. Advanced Functional Materials 2018, 1705564.
  • Konda, A.; Morin, S. A. Flow-directed Synthesis of Spatially Variant Arrays of Branched Zinc Oxide Mesostructures. Nanoscale 2017, 9, 8393-8400.
  • Vinod, T.P.; Taylor, J. M.; Konda, A.; Morin, S. A. Stretchable Substrates for the Assembly of Polymeric Microstructures. Small 2017, 13, 1603350.
  • Stoller, M. A.; Konda, A.; Kottwitz, M. A.; Morin, S. A. Thermoplastic Building Blocks for the Fabrication of Microfluidic Masters. RSC Advances 2015, 5, 97934-97943.
  • Konda, A.; Taylor, J. M.; Stoller, M. A.; Morin, S. A. Reconfigurable Microfluidic Systems with Reversible Seals Compatible with 2D and 3D Surfaces of Arbitrary Chemical Composition. Lab on a Chip 2015, 15, 2009- 2017.


Awards and Achievements

  • Received the 2018-2019 Folsom Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award at UNL for Ph.D. dissertation.
  • Honorable Mention for the Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award by the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 2018.
  • Best Poster Award Winner at the 2018 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Phoenix, AZ, April 2018.
  • GSA Travel Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2018.
  • Citation for Excellence in Teaching Chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Spring 2017.
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship for Masters, 2010.
  • Awarded University Gold Medal for all round academic excellence in Bachelors in Pharmacy,  Vinayaka Missions University, 2010.


Professional Affiliations

  • Member of the Materials Research Society, 2016–Present.
  • Member of the American Chemical Society, 2014–Present.
  • Life member of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association.
  • Life member of the Phi Lambda Upsilon Honorary Society - Rho Chapter.


LinkedIn Profile: https://​www​.linkedin​.com/​i​n​/​a​b​h​i​t​e​j​a​k​onda/

ORCiD: https://​orcid​.org/​0000​-​0003​-​3362​-0583


Currently, working with Prof. Anindita Basu, at the Nanoscience and Technology Division, Center for Nanoscale Materials.