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Alexey Galda

Joint Appointment [C]

Alexey Galda’s research focus lies in the field of strongly correlated electronic and magnetic systems. In particular, he is most interested in transport, topological properties and phase transitions in out-of-equilibrium conditions.


Alexey Galda is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago, with a joint appointment at Argonne National Laboratory. His main research interests are:

  • Non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and theory of open quantum systems
  • Theory of non-equilibrium dynamics and phase transitions
  • Spin-torque-driven classical and quantum spin systems
  • Superconductivity, theory of fluctuations
  • Machine learning of phase transitions.

Dr. Galda is actively working on the non-Hermitian formulation of non-equilibrium dynamics applied to a wide range of condensed matter systems. Most recently, I have been interested in applications of my research to quantum information science, e.g. studying quantum computing with molecular spin systems and theory of manipulating quantum information with spin-polarized currents. I am also interested in applications of state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to many-body physics.

Dr. Galda’s work is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and National Science Foundation.

Employment History

  • University of Chicago, James Franck Institute, Chicago, IL USA
    (joint with Argonne National Laboratory)
    Research Asisstant Professor                                     March 2017 – present
  • University of Chicago, James Franck Institute, Chicago, IL USA
    (joint with Argonne National Laboratory)
    Research Scientist                                        September 2016 – March 2017
  • Argonne National Laboratory, Materials Science Division, IL USA
    Postdoctoral Scholar                               October 2012 –  September 2016


  • University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK
    Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics                                                September 2012
  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Moscow, Russia
    B.Sc. in Physics and Applied Mathematics                                  June 2008

Honors and Awards

  • Argonne Director’s Competitive R&D Grant, USA                                 2015
  • Moreton Prize, University of Birmingham, UK                              2012, 2011
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistantship, UK                                            2009
  • Midlands Physics Alliance Graduate School Scholarship, UK             2008
  • Overseas Research Student Scholarship, UK                                       2008
  • HSP Huygens Scholarship, Netherlands                                               2008

Professional Memberships

American Physical Society, Materials Research Society

Selected Publications

  • A.A. Varlamov, Alexey Galda, A. Glatz, Fluctuation spectroscopy: from Rayleigh-Jeans waves to Abrikosov vortex clusters”, Reviews of Modern Physics (accepted) (2017).
  • Alexey Galda, V.M. Vinokur, Linear dynamics of classical spin as Möbius transformation”, Nature Scientific Reports 7, 1168 (2017) (online).
  • L. Rademaker, V.M. Vinokur, Alexey Galda, Universality and critical behavior of the dynamical Mott transition in a system with long-range interactions”, Nature Scientific Reports 7, 44044 (2017) (online).
  • Alexey Galda, V.M. Vinokur. Parity-time symmetry breaking in magnetic systems”. Physical Review B 94, 020408(R) (2016) (online)
  • V. Tripathi, Alexey Galda, H. Barban, V.M. Vinokur. Parity-time symmetry-breaking mechanism of dynamic Mott transition in dissipative systems”. Physical Review B 94, 041104(R) (2016) (online)
  • A. Glatz, Alexey Galda, A.A. Varlamov. Effect of fluctuations on the NMR relaxation beyond the Abrikosov vortex lattice”. Physical Review B 92, 054513 (2015) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, A.S. Mel’nikov, V.M. Vinokur, Resonant tunneling of fluctuation Cooper pairs”, Nature Scientific Reports58315 (2015) (onlineArgonne’s Feature Story
  • I.V. Yurkevich, Alexey Galda, O.M.Yevtushenko, I.V. Lerner Duality of Weak and Strong Scatterer in a Luttinger liquid Coupled to Massless Bosons”, Physical Review Letters 110, 136405 (2013) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, I.V. Yurkevich, I.V. Lerner, Effect of electron-phonon coupling on transmission through Luttinger Liquid hybridized with resonant level”, Europhysics Letters 93, 17009 (2011) (online)
  • Alexey Galda, I.V. Yurkevich, I.V. Lerner, Impurity Scattering in a Luttinger Liquid with Electron-Phonon Coupling”, Physical Review B 83, 041106(R) (2011) (online) Featured as Editor’s Suggestion