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Andrew Freiburger

Assistant Computational Biologist

Andrew develops software that simulates the chemistry of biological cells for applications in health, ecology, agriculture, and industry.


Andrew is a computational scientist and engineer. He earned an A.S. from Grand Rapids Community College (2016), a B.S. from Grand Valley State University (2019) – with a Chemistry major, a Biology minor, and a Green Chemistry Certificate – and a M.A.Sc. from the University of Victoria (2022) – with a major in Civil Engineering. He has pursued several research topics, including: a) characterizing hemp and willow biomass via spectroscopy and chromatography; b) developing and simulating photoactive antibacterial and oxygen scavenging polymer materials; c) and developing software and bioinformatics tools that elucidate biological systems for both basic and applied research. He is currently investigating the chemical interactions within microbial communities, which govern eukaryotic health; ecology, climate, and biogeochemical cycles; and are piquing the interest of chemical industry.