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Ann M. Schlenker

Director, Center for Transportation Research


Ann Schlenker is the Director of Argonne’s Center for Transportation Research. In this role she leads a team of scientists and engineers conducting research and developing technologies with the goal of reducing the transportation sector’s reliance on petroleum and imported oil.

Schlenker oversees a research portfolio that ranges from components to vehicles to transportation as a holistic system, including efforts to improve engine fuel efficiency and combustion kinetics, reduce friction losses, evaluate powertrain and vehicle architectures in virtual and experimental contexts, study low carbon fuel potentials, and improve and validate interoperability with the Smart Grid. The Center also manages the North American, university-level Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions for the US Department of Energy.

Prior to joining Argonne in 2009, Schlenker worked for Chrysler, LLC, for more than 30 years, most recently as Director of Advanced Vehicle Engineering and Alliances. She previously held a variety of engineering positions in research, regulatory development, and front-line product development.

Awards, Honors, and Memberships

  • Member, Society of Automotive Engineers, Society of Women Engineers
  • Award, Society for Technical Communication, Driving the Future” brochure, 20122013

Publications and Patents

  • Environmental Research Consortia, American Industry Government Emissions Research Group (AIGER), Bag Mini-Diluter to public domain.
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