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Arturo Gutierrez

Materials Scientist

Dr. Arturo Gutierrez is a Materials Scientist working on the development of cathode materials for use in electrochemical energy storage devices.


Dr. Arturo Gutierrez is a staff scientist working on the development of cathode materials for use in batteries. His work involves both the synthesis and characterization of new cathode materials as well as the development of novel strategies to improve electrolyte/cathode interfaces. He has a wide range of experience with a variety of cathode chemistries including traditional oxides and polyanion frameworks for both lithium and sodium-ion batteries. 


The University of Texas at Austin, Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, 2014

Boise State University, B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, 2009

Na-ion/vacancy ordering in Na0.67Mn0.67Ni0.33O2 (left) is disrupted by the substitution of Mn for Ni in Na0.67Mn0.75Ni0.25O2 (right). The Mn3+ site defects created in the transition metal plane cause the interplane charge order across the Ni‒Na‒Mn dumbbell to interrupt the sodium plane ordering.


The stacking of TM planes does not place Ni atoms in consecutive TM planes directly on top of each other, but rather form distinct Mn−Mn and Mn−Ni dumbbells. This interlayer ordering between TMs creates two energetically different sites for sodium which facilitates the Na-ion/vacancy ordering.