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Chaitanya Kaligotla

Computational Social Scientist - TERM

Computational Social Scientist. Modeling Information Diffusion and Social Behavior in Complex Dynamic and Adaptive Systems.


Chaitanya Kaligotla (“CK”) is a Computational Social Scientist at Argonne National Laboratory. He is part of the Social and Behavioral Systems Group in the Decision and Infrastructure Sciences Division of the Lab. He also has a joint appointment at the Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering, at  The University of Chicago.

His work broadly involves understanding and modeling social and human behavior in context of information spreads, in large complex systems and networks. His work is interdisciplinary and cross methodological in nature, using empirical data analysis, computational models using agent based modeling and simulations, and analytical modeling.

CK earned his Ph.D. in Decision Sciences at INSEAD, France, where his work examined the dynamics of human interactions online. His dissertation specifically studies the diffusion of competing rumors/opinion through online interactions on social media. CK also has a diverse industry background in management consulting, analytics, and manufacturing operations around the world.