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Changjiang Liu

Postdoctoral Appointee


I am doing postdoctoral research in the material science division at Argonne National Laboratory. My research interests include the synthesis of perovskite transition-metal oxides using molecular beam epitaxy and investigating the transport and magnetic properties of these materials. I have also been studying spin transport using unconventional magnetic materials, such as geometrically frustrated systems. 

Selected Publications

C. Liu, F. Wrobel, J. D. Hoffman, D. Hong, J. E. Pearson, E. Benckiser, and A. Bhattacharya, Counter-thermal flow of holes in high-mobility LaNiO3 thin films, Physical Review B 99, 041114 (2019). Rapid Communications.

C. Liu, S. M. Wu, J. E. Pearson, J. S. Jiang, N. d’Ambrumenil, and A. Bhattacharya, Probing short-range magnetic order in a geometrically frustrated magnet by means of the spin Seebeck effect, Physical Review B 98, 060415 (2018). Rapid Communications. Editor’s suggestion.

D. Hong, C. Liu, J. E. Pearson, and A. Bhattacharya, Epitaxial growth of high quality SrFeO3 films on (001) oriented (LaAlO3)0.3(Sr2TaAlO6)0.7, Applied Physics Letters 111, 232408 (2017). Featured article.

C. Liu, S. J. Patel, T. A. Peterson, C. C. Geppert, K. D. Christie, G. Stecklein, C. J. Palmstrøm and P. A. Crowell, Dynamic detection of electron spin accumulation in ferromagnet–semiconductor devices by ferromagnetic resonance, Nature Communications 7, 10296 (2016)

C. Liu, Y. Boyko, C. C. Geppert, K. D. Christie, G. Stecklein, S. J. Patel, C. J. Palmstrøm and P. A. Crowell, Electrical detection of ferromagnetic resonance in ferromagnet/n-GaAs heterostructures by tunneling anisotropic magnetoresistance, Applied Physics Letters 105, 212401 (2014). Cover image. Featured article.