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Cristina Botero

Postdoctoral Appointee - Energy Systems Engineer


Cristina Botero is a post-doctoral appointee in the Global Energy Solutions group of Argonne’s Energy Systems division, where she conducts research on the planning and operation of energy infrastructure worldwide to support energy resiliency and high penetration of renewables.  

Cristina has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and a Dipl.-Ing. (BS/MS) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany.  She has a passion for sustainable energy and is interested in accelerating its deployment worldwide by influencing technology, strategy, and policy. Her area of expertise is the multi-scale modeling, optimization, and techno-economic assessment of renewable and fossil-based energy systems. Prior to coming to Argonne, Cristina held multiple roles with Tesla, BP, MIT, and GE, focusing on diverse technologies including oil refining, carbon capture, power generation, biofuels, and energy storage. 

In addition to a research background, Cristina brings hands-on manufacturing experience at BP’s largest oil refinery in Indiana and at Tesla’s battery Gigafactory in Nevada. She is a native of Colombia and enjoys traveling, skiing, languages, and any excuse to be outdoors and to meet people from different backgrounds.