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Daniel M. Fraser

Manager, Global Energy Solutions


Dan Fraser is Manager of the Global Energy Solutions group in the Energy Systems division of Argonne National Laboratory and a Senior Fellow at the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago. An active problem solver, he has resolved issues affecting a broad range of industries, including oil & gas, seismology, financial analysis, nuclear energy, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, automotive engineering, bioinformatics and program management.

He has a Ph.D. in physics and began his career at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he analyzed failure modes in complex systems with extreme safety considerations. For this effort, he received an award from the Navy for Significant Contributions to the Safety Program.”

Mr. Fraser then transitioned to industry and became a Principal Scientist with NEC and later Sun Microsystems and Paremus Ltd., where he utilized Six Sigma methodologies in design, analysis and risk management.

He currently is the Production Coordinator for the Open Science Grid (OSG), a collaborative effort involving over 100 independent scientific institutions. Within OSG, his background in complex system analysis and management are applied to ensure that the distributed computing system is resilient and remains functioning in a 24x7 production capacity.

In 2010, he represented Argonne National Laboratory at the Presidents’ Oil Spill Commission meetings, where he provided public testimony on the benefits that nuclear safety technology can bring to the regulation of the oil industry. He is now leading a multi-division team at Argonne that is developing quantitative risk analysis programs designed to benefit both the oil & gas industry and the industry regulators.