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Elina Kasman

Innovation and Commercialization Associate

Elina has 20 years of experience as a technical specialist in diverse environments including manufacturing, academia, medical device R&D, start-ups and National Laboratory settings.


Elina Kasman received her Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Technion - Israeli Institute of Technology in 1999 with a focus on semiconductor device theory and fabrication. She obtained her Master of Science degree in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois Chicago in 2001 with a focus on fabrication of MEMS devices.

Since then, Elina has applied herself as a technical specialist in diverse research and development environments. She also has experience in product management, including market analysis, ROI, due diligence, product development and product launch. She has two patents and extensive experience in commercialization of technology.

Presently, Elina is an X-ray Optics Fabrication Engineer at the APS, responsible for crystal optics fabrication activities of the Optics Group. She performs R&D to improve crystal optics performance and applications. She leads and manages complex projects for fabrication of custom X-ray crystal optics, interfacing with external vendors. In this role, she also serves as chair of the steering committee of DOE’s SBIR Program, supporting five Light Sources nationwide. She also served as Technical Lead for the Energy I-Corps Cohort 10 for C-CHiRP technology, and Entrepreneurial Lead for Energy I-Corps Cohort 1 for Dynamic Aperture technology.