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Francesco Ganda

Principal Nuclear Engineer


Since 2013, Dr. Ganda has been a Principal Nuclear Engineer at the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), where he is leading the multi-lab research activities in nuclear economics as part of the DOE-NE System Analysis and Integration Campaign. His research focuses on nuclear economics, reactor physics and nuclear fuel cycles. Prior to joining ANL, Dr. Ganda was a staff scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory where he worked on both neutronic issues and economic evaluations. Dr. Ganda completed his post-doctoral work at University of California at Berkeley on the physics and design of breeding light water reactors. He has published extensively in peer reviewed journals, conference proceedings and various technical reports, and has been recently recognized with a Fuel Cycle Research and Development Excellence Award. Additionally, he has participated in multiple international expert group meetings over the years on various aspects of the economics of the fuel cycles, both at the NEA/OECD and at the IAEA. Dr. Ganda obtained a PhD and MS in nuclear engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, with a focus on reactor physics, and a minor in Finance.