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George Vukovich

George Vukovich

Chief Operating Officer


George Vukovich is the Chief Operating Officer of National Security Programs at Argonne National Laboratory. In this role, he manages the operational aspects of national security programs.

His team collaborates with other Argonne divisions, universities, organizations, and industrial partners to develop and build a diverse and scientifically recognized research portfolio. They use the multidisciplinary expertise of the division and other laboratory resources with a focus on national security.

George’s role extends into the identification of new research opportunities, the development and maintenance of connections to sponsors, the preparation of research proposals, the integration of strategic and tactical planning, and the coordination of program development activities.

As the Chief Operating Officer, George brings 35 years of experience to this position with an extensive track record in federal projects and private industry.

George earned his BS from Purdue University and his Master of Project Management degree from Keller Graduate School.