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Gwanghui Ha

Argonne Scholar - Enrico Fermi Fellow

Gwanghui Ha is a member of Argonne Wakefield Accelerator group. His research focuses on beam phase space manipulation for future accelerator development.


Gwanghui Ha is Enrico Fermi Fellow working at Argonne’s Wakefield Accelerator group.  His research interests are beam physics and experimental research of high brightness beams with particular focus on phase space manipulation.  He is currently working on emittance exchange based beam controls.  He is also actively participating wakefield accelerator experiments and generation of THz and X-ray using accelertors.

He received Ph.D. degrees in physics from Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), KOREA, in 2017.  He worked at Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, KOREA as Post-doc and participated medical accelerator development project (Boron-Neutron Capture Therapy).  He started his work at ANL since July 2018.