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Ihor Hlohowskyj

Principal Ecologist/Environmental Biologist


Ihor Hlohowskyj provides technical assistance to the Departments of Energy (DOE), Interior (DOI), Defense (DOD), and Agriculture (USDA) and other federal agencies (such as EPA) in the assessment and evaluation of the impacts of human activities on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. He assists these agencies in their compliance with federal environmental regulations, including the Comprehensive Environmental Restoration and Cleanup Liability Act (CERCLA), the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

His duties include study design, collection and analysis of physical, chemical, and biological data in support of ecological risk assessments, environmental impact assessments, wetland/floodplain assessments, ESA biological assessments, and cleanup remedy identification and evaluation. Other work includes developing and conducting risk assessment training and ecological risk assessment policy and guidance development for DOE and DOD.

Current Role

Department Lead, Ecological Science and Environmental Risk Department, with responsibilities in team and project management and in project investigations.


Research, analysis and modeling of human impacts on ecological systems; chemical and radiological ecological risk and impact assessment; and invasive species risk analyses.

Career Highlights

  • Argonne project leader: Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program projects; ecological impacts of marine hydrokinetic energy development; Navy Environmental Restoration training program.
  • Argonne principal investigator: United Nations Environment Programme climate change fisheries impact assessment and mitigation strategies; depleted uranium risk assessment; land use effects in the National Birds-of-Prey Conservation Area; enhancement strategies for mitigating operational impacts of cooling water structures; environmental effects of oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes.
  • Argonne project co-lead/technical analyst: Impacts of wind energy development; identification and evaluation of energy transportation corridors; ecological risk assessments for military installations; risks and mitigation of aquatic nuisance species introductions in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins.


  • Member of the American Fisheries Society and American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists
  • Navy Risk Assessment Working Group, including the Ecomonitoring Subgroup, the DOE Natural Resource Damage Assessment Steering Committee, and the DOE Ecological Risk Assessment Working Group
  • Appreciation Certificate from DOE Center for Risk Excellence, 2000
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center, 2003


  • Zoology, Ph.D., Miami University, 1985
  • Biology, M.S., John Carroll University, 1981
  • Biology, B.A., Case Western Reserve University, 1977