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James A. Kuiper

Principal Geospatial Engineer


Education: M.S., Biometrics, and Certificate of Remote Sensing, University of Michigan, 1986
Current Role: Principal Geospatial Engineer, Environmental Software and Data Management Department
Geographic information systems, including technical coordination and development of web-based mapping applications with analytical and modeling capabilities; planning and leadership of geospatial projects; development of geospatial models, analysis methods, and databases; coding of analytical functions; statistical analysis; application of these skills to energy corridor and energy zone planning, climate change, environmental impact assessment, environmental risk, and emergency planning.
Career Highlights
Technical leader: Energy Zones Mapping Tool, West-wide Energy Corridor Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement and subsequent energy corridor projects and analyses, Interactive Renewable Energy Atlas, Western Interconnection Environmental Risk Calculator, Trans-Alaska Pipeline Lease Renewal project, and many others. Over 25 years of geospatial science experience at Argonne, with 4 years in prior positions.
Lead developer: Special Population Planner emergency planning software.
Awards: Director’s Award, Pacesetter Award.