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Ji-Hyun (Jeannie) Kim

Building Scientist


Dr. Ji-Hyun (Jeannie) Kim has 8 years of teaching, research, and practical experience in building technology and received her Ph.D. in Architecture from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2016. In her thesis, she established a method for computing probability distributions of energy use by introducing a Life Style Factor to reflect the wide variability of occupant behaviors in residential spaces. Dr. Kim has worked as a research assistant in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab and as a Commissioning & Energy Engineer at Baumann Consulting in Chicago, Illinois. During the past decade, her main expertise has been in modeling and building performance simulation at various scales that include single & multi-family housing, high-rise commercial buildings, hospitals, airports, campuses, and cities throughout the entire life cycle of design and construction phases. She is an ASHRAE certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP) and a member of IBPSA-USA and ASHRAE.