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Joseph S. Gregar

Principal Scientific Glass Blower Specialist


Joe Gregar is a fourth-generation scientific glassblower who began learning the art of scientific glassblowing in 1966 from his father and grandfather at their family-owned business, The Milwaukee Glass Works, Inc. Joe became a scientific glassblower with Pope Scientific Inc., in 1969 and in 1974 was promoted to head their custom glass blowing operation. While supervising all phases of production, he was also responsible for teaching production trainees, apprentices and journeymen glassblowers.

Joe joined Argonne National Laboratory in 1980 as a scientific glassblower and in 2013 was promoted to Principal Scientific Glass Blower Specialist. Joe has received several awards during his employment at Argonne, including the Argonne/University of Chicago Board of Governors Outstanding Service Award. Along with scientist Ken Anderson, Joe won the 1999 R&D 100 Award for the development of the Gregar Extractor. In addition, he has had four patents awarded. 

Since 1971, Joe has been a very active member in the American Scientific Glassblowers Society, serving as the society’s President twice. He developed a program for junior members of the Society to learn basic scientific glassblowing skills in 1988—he has been an instructor ever since. In addition, he has delivered many professional papers and technical workshops. The American Scientific Glassblowers Society has presented Joe with multiple awards.