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Joydeep Munshi

Postdoctoral Appointee

PhD (Mechanical Engineering)


Joydeep’s research experience is in computational materials science for various spatiotemporal scales using first principles, molecular dynamics, coarse-grained molecular dynamics and AI/ Machine learning techniques.


  • Bachelors in Technology, Electronics, West Bengal University of Technology 2012
  • Masters in Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Jadavpur University 2017
  • PhD in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University 2020

Research Interest

  • Deep learning approach to inverse design characterization data, such as Electron and X-ray microscopy, spectroscopy data
  • Atomistic modeling (Molecular dynamics and Coarse graining approach) to investigate nanomaterials for energy, photovoltaics and battery applications 
  • Density functional theory based first principle computations to investigate electronic structure and properties