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Linda H. Hansen

Principal Nonproliferation Policy Analyst


Linda Hansen is a safeguards specialist in the Strategic Security Sciences Division.  She is among a core group of U.S. safeguards experts that assist countries to meet the international obligations under IAEA safeguards agreements. For the past 12 years, Linda’s primary mission under the USDOE/NNSA International Nuclear Safeguards Engagement Program (INSEP) has focused on international outreach efforts for the preparation and effective implementation of the Additional Protocol (AP).  This effort involved over 100 engagement missions with 25 countries resulting in at least eight countries signing and/or ratifying the AP.  Linda leads the development of a training and engagement curricula for the AP, which serves as an enduring resource for the U.S. nonproliferation engagement community. Adherence to the AP has been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign and national security policy.

In addition, Linda is one of the primary members of INSEP’s Training Materials Management Group that is responsible to oversee the development of training materials, in accordance with INSEP’s adherence to a Systematic Approach to Training through development, implementation, and evaluation phases of its training and outreach efforts.  Linda received her B.S. in Mathematics from Idaho State University.  She is an active member of the American Nuclear Society.