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Marek Piechowicz

Assistant Chemist

Advanced polymers, separate heavy metals, groundwater decon.


Marek received his B.S. in Chemistry and Economics from Marquette University in 2014 where he worked on the synthesis of molecular switches and actuators. He joined The University of Chicago Chemistry Department as a graduate student in 2014 working on uranium uptake from seawater in the Lin group before continuing to investigate the separation of radionuclides under the mentorship of Dr. Soderholm (CSE-ANL) and Prof. Rowan (CSE-ANL, PME).

Current research is focused on studying the fundamental interactions of the transuranic elements with amidoxime functionalized ligands and the development of new porous polymer materials for heavy-metal separations. The design and synthesis of environmentally benign materials for water purification is of particular interest.