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Matthew Drummer

Visiting Student - Graduate

Transient absorption laser spectroscopy of light-harvesting systems.


I am a visiting graduate student from University of Illinois at Chicago and work in the Glusac research group. Here at Argonne, I am a member of the Solar Energy Conversion Group within the Chemical Sciences & Engineering Division.

My research focus is in the area of light absorption and solar energy conversion by chemical systems. To study these systems, we employ transient absorption laser spectroscopy and basic computational methods. The aforementioned experimental and theoretical tools allow us to explain and predict, respectively, the fundamental photophysics of light-harvesting chemical compounds.

I am currently interested in nanographene molecules, such as graphene quantum dots and graphene nanoribbons, which possess long-lived excited states that are ideal for photocatalysis. Additionally, I am interested in transition metal-based catalysts. Our ultimate goal is to coordinate metal-based photocatalysts to nanographene chromophores and to study the fundamental mechanisms behind water oxidation. Finally, I am also exploring metal organic frameworks (MOF) wherein we lock nanographene linkers into a MOF topology for the purpose of carbon dioxide capture and transformation into value added chemicals.