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Matthew R. Dietrich

Assistant Physicist-Experimentalist


Matt Dietrich is an experimental physicist in the medium energy group of Argonne’s Physics Division.  He is interested in using atom trapping and cooling techniques on rare isotopes to advance our understanding of nuclear and fundamental physics.  For instance, he leads the effort at Argonne to measure the electric dipole moment (EDM) of radium.  If found to be non-zero, the EDM could give us an important window into poorly understood physics, especially why the universe appears to contain only matter, and not an equal amount of anti-matter.  You can read more about our experiments on the Atom Trappers’ webpage.

Matt was a graduate student at the University of Washington from 2004-2009, where he trapped and manipulated single barium ions for use in quantum computers.  He then became a postdoc at Argonne from 2010-2014, then a Research Assistant Professor at Northwestern University from 2014-2015, where he developed a new source for aluminum hydride ions and worked towards manipulations of their quantum state.  He then returned to Argonne in 2015 to take the lead on the radium EDM experiment.