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Monique Anne Stinson

Technical Manager, Freight Systems and Analytics


Ms. Stinson is part of Argonne’s Energy Systems Division-Systems Modeling and Control Group, where she contributes to fundamental research regarding the relationship between energy use and transportation in the US. She provides expertise in behavioral modeling and its applications across a variety of domains. Her current work focuses on developing agent-based models of freight transportation, which involves modeling and simulation of decisions by establishments that affect transportation, and integrating these models into Argonne’s POLARIS platform. She models decision-making of establishments and their freight transportation impacts using behavioral-based econometric modeling mixed with supply-side models that describe the interaction of freight demand with the transportation network. She also provides expertise in behavioral models of passenger travel such as econometric models that evaluate how individuals choose a mode of travel (e.g., bicycling, driving, using transit) when traveling for various activities. 

Ms. Stinson brings 15 years of experience in consulting, academia and the public sector. In addition to freight modeling and policy studies, her previous experience includes significant background in modeling and simulating travel generated by households in tolling studies, transit ridership and market analysis, regional model development, and non-motorized transportation analysis. She has supported performance measurement studies, long-range planning, corridor studies, and traffic simulation research. She has led several major survey efforts that include sophisticated stated preference research. Ms. Stinson has received national attention for her leadership in advanced freight modeling and has participated in studies throughout the United States and internationally. She is a member of the Transportation Research Board’s Freight Planning and Logistics Committee and previously served on the Transportation Research Board’s Bicycle Transportation Committee.