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Nenad M. Markovic



Nenad M. Markovic received his BSc, MsD and PhD at the University of Belgrade. His academic carrier started in 1978 as Research Associate at Institute of Electrochemistry, University of Belgrade. As a junior scientist he spend two years in Prof. Yeager’s laboratory at the CWRU in Cleveland, OH. He returned at the University of Belgrade in 1984 and a year latter he become a Group Leader in the Department for Surface Electrochemistry. In 1991 he got a Staff Scientist position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he stayed fourteen yeas. In the middle of 2005 he joined ANL in Material Sciences Division as a Senior Chemist. He is a Group Leader of the Energy Conversion and Storage Group. His major research interest is understanding surface processes at the electrified metal-solution interfaces. Utilizing ex-situ (AES, LEED, UPS, XPS) and in-situ (SXS, STM/AFM) surface sensitive probes in combination with vibrational spectroscopy (FTIR, ATR) and classical electrochemical methods he established relations between the microscopic surface atomic/electronic structures of mono-metallic and multi-metallic single crystal surfaces and the macroscopic kinetic rates of (electro)chemical reactions. The knowledge obtained by studying model single crystal surfaces he used for both understanding the activity pattern of metal nanoparticles employed in energy conversion and storage systems as well as for finding relationships between the reaction rate, selectivity and stability with the characteristic dimension of a metallic catalysts. He is the author of more then 190 papers in the field of catalysis and surface electrochemistry.