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Nicholas A. Smith

Principal Chemist

Nonproliferation research for enrichment and reprocessing facilities. General actinide chemistry and spectroscopy.


Nicholas A. Smith, received a BS in Chemistry in 2005 from Lake Superior State University and a Ph.D. in Radiochemistry from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, in 2010 with a focus on actinide speciation and spectroscopy. Since 2010, Dr. Smith has worked at Argonne National Laboratory first as a postdoctoral researcher and, since 2013, as a staff scientist. His postdoctoral appointment at Argonne focused on medical isotope production using linear accelerators and development of novel, chemical process monitoring technologies to be deployed as а component of domestic and international safeguards packages. Through funding by NNSA, Dr. Smith was part of а team that successfully deployed а UV-Visible spectrometer system at an operational reprocessing facility and was an integral part of the Argonne component of а multi-laboratory project to develop Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for monitoring molten salt electrorefiners.

His work at Argonne since has focused mainly on nonproliferation research, focused on process monitoring and emerging technology, with projects involving collection of DA UF6 samples from enrichment facilities, analysis of enrichment and pryoprocessing equipment and processes, and adaptation of commercial technology for use in international safeguards missions. He is currently the Argonne POC for the NNSA Office of International Nuclear Safeguards Technology. In addition to DOE projects, he has research interests with other governmental agencies including DHS and DOD. In 2016, he was participated in an international IAEA working group to evaluate metrics for the termination of safeguards on measured discards.