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Nicholas Luongo

Postdoctoral Appointee

I work on the ATLAS experiment studying the Higgs boson to better understand its properties, with a focus on applying AI/ML tools to help accomplish this.


The Higgs boson is the most recent addition to the Standard Model and is a continuing area of study. Measuring its properties can shed light on phenomena both within and beyond the Standard Model. My work focuses on measuring the cross section of di-Higgs events and the tri-linear Higgs coupling. I also work to improve flavor-tagging - the process of identifying the underlying particle that produces a jet in the ATLAS detector.

I performed similar di-Higgs studies as a part of ATLAS during my PhD at the University of Oregon. During that time I also created a trigger algorithm for tau leptons in Run 3 and applied deep learning techniques to the task of identifying and reconstructing pions in the calorimeter.