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Peter Kozak

Chemical Engineer


Dr. Peter A. Kozak received his B.S. degree in aerospace engineering with a minor in mathematics from the University of Arizona in 2011 and his Ph.D. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 2016. He first came to Argonne National Laboratory as a post-doctoral appointee in 2016 and is currently a chemical engineer in the Process Simulation and Safeguards research group in the Chemical & Fuel Cycle Technologies Division. Dr. Kozak’s research areas of interest include additive manufacturing/3D printing applications for nuclear/chemical engineering and medical radioisotope development. Since his arrival at Argonne, Dr. Kozak has improved the versatility and reliability of centrifugal contactors, a solvent extraction device used for separation of chemical elements including nuclear fuel reprocessing and medical isotope production.

Selected Publications

  • Kozak, P. A., Tkac, P., Wardle, K. E., Brown, M. A., & Vandegrift, G. F. (2020). Demonstration of the MOEX Process Using Additive-Manufacturing-Fabricated Annular Centrifugal Contactors. Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange38(1), 120-131.
  • Gelis, A. V., Kozak, P., Breshears, A. T., Brown, M. A., Launiere, C., Campbell, E. L., … & Lumetta, G. J. (2020). Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle with a Simplified Minor Actinide Lanthanide Separation Process (ALSEP) and Additive Manufacturing (vol 8, 12842, 2019). SCIENTIFIC REPORTS10(1).
  • Brown, M. A., & Kozak, P. (2020). Small-Scale Recycling of Irradiated Uranium and Transuranic Elements (Np, Pu) Using 3D-Printed Centrifugal Contactors (No. ANL/CFCT-C2019-19010). Argonne National Lab.(ANL), Argonne, IL (United States).
  • Kozak, P., Saboriendo, B., & Tkac, P. (2019). Additive Manufacturing Fabrication of PEEK Counter-Current Centrifugal Contactor Components (No. ANL/CFCT-19/22). Argonne National Lab.(ANL), Argonne, IL (United States).


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