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Preeti Malakar

Assistant Computer Scientist - Workflows


Preeti Malakar received her PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 2014. As part of her PhD thesis, Integrated Parallel Simulations and Visualization for Large-scale Weather Applications”, she worked on efficient high-fidelity simulations, online data analysis and visualization in computational environments with varying resource configurations. She devised novel techniques to improve throughput of simulations with multiple regions of interest.

Currently she is a postdoc in the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. Her work revolves around in-situ analysis for large-scale simulations and high-performance I/O. She also works on topology-aware data movement and I/O.

Research Interests

  • Performance modeling
  • Application profiling
  • High-performance I/O
  • In-situ analysis and visualization
  • Resource management